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THE Inkatrotter PhilosOPHY


Honesty, to err is human, non-bureaucratic


Our honesty is reflected in our low-price transparency. Mextrotter offers cheap, attractive prices but not at the expense of quality and service. We inform our customers about cheaper options in order to save some money in the total price of the tour (for example, cheaper flights or  beach hotels). Honesty also implies a correct and fair treatment to our employees and partners (hotels, transfer partners, guides, etc). 


To err is human

Even if our job is to do the very best we can, we are all humans and unfortunately we can make mistakes.  Whenever this occurs, you can expect a sincere apology from our part as well as a prompt compensation.



Both internally and externally we avoid unnecessary processes and paperwork in order to speed things up and to keep our costs low, which is reflected in the prices of our products.




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