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Sights and Cities in peru

Don't forget your camera on your trip to Peru! Browse through the highlights of Peru by using the interactive map. Enjoy Peru's stunning sights and cities!


Alpamayo, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world
Amantani, tranquil island in Lake Titicaca
Andahuaylillas, Sistine Chapel of the Andes
Arequipa, Stupendous nature of Peru
Ayacucho, Pearl of the Andes


Ballestas Islands, A must see for nature lovers


Cachinapampa, Housing during the trekking at Cordillera Blanca
Cachora, Starting point of the Choquequirao Trekking
Cahuachi, former capital of the Nazca culture
Calama, on your way to Santiago de Chile
Cashapampa, Starting point for different Codillera Blanca trekking tours
Chalhuanca, perfect overnight stop between Nazca and Cuzco
Chan Chan, Capital city of the Chimú Empire
Chauchilla, mummies of Nazca culture
Chavin de Huantar, oldest stone building in Peru
Chiclayo, starting point for excursions to the Sipan culture
Chisquisqa, Camp during Choquequirao trekking
Choquequirao, Machu Picchu's little sister
Colca Canyon, Breathtaking Canyon
Copacabana, the most important place of pilgrimage in Bolivia
Cordillera Blanca, White Cordilleras
Cusco, Former capital of the Incas
Colorada Lagoon, ideal place to watch flamingos


Green Lagoon, Natural spectacle on the border with Chile


Huaca Rajada, Find spot Lord of Sipán
Huancavelica, tours off the beaten track
Huancayo, City in Mantaro valley
Huanchaco, small fishing village near Trujillo
Huascarán, highest peak in Peru
Huascarán National park, National park with endless snow-covered mountains


Inca Trail, the trail to Machu Picchu


Kenko, labyrinth of the Inca


La Paz, seat of government at high altitude
Laguna Verde, at the foot of the volcano Licancabur
Lima, Gateway to the Andean world
Llamacorral, First Camp during the Santa Cruz Trekking
Llanganuca lagoon, Lake at Huascarán national park
Luquina, small community at Lake Titicaca


Macará, starting point for trekking tours to the Cordillera Blanca
Machu Picchu, Inca site
Marampata, en route to Choquequirao
Maras, Traditional way of salt production
Moray, pilot project of the Inka


Nazca, Mystic geoglyphs


Ollantaytambo, Fort of the Inca in the Sacred Valley


Pachacamac, former place of pilgrimage at the peruvian coast
Paron lagoon, Lagoon in the Northern Andes
Pisac, Inca city with big market
Puca Pucara, red fort
Puno, Largest city on Lake Titicaca


Rajchi, temple in honour to the Inca God Wiracocha


Sacsayhuaman, Location of the Inti Raymi Festival
San Pedro de Atacama, in the Atacama dessert
Santa Catalina, Picturesque Peruvian Monastery
Santiago de Chile, Capital with flair
Sillustani, graves at Lake Umayo
Siloli dessert, stone tree & other bizarre formations
Suasi, the only private island of Lake Titicaca


Tambomachay, sanctuary of the Inca
Taquile, Island in Lake Titicaca
Taullipampa, Overnight stop in the Cordillera Blanca
Tiahuanaco, Sun gate of an ancient culture
Trujillo, City of the eternal spring
Tucume, pyramide valley


Uros Islands, floating islands in lake Titicaca
Uyuni, unique natural spectacle


Vaqueria, Cordillera Blanca trekking finish


Wari, Capital of a big culture


museum of the royal graves, one of the best museum in Peru


sunny island, Birthplace of the Inca empire


temple of the moon, gem of the Mochica culture
temple of the Sun, temple of the Mochica Culture

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