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Questions concerning money and payment - during the tour


What amount of down payment? Until when the final payment?

With Inkatrotter you can choose your payment schedule:



20% deposit (of the total amount) at time of booking and the remaining amount 14 days prior to arrival.



After booking a trip, please send us a scanned copy of your passport and pay your trip up to 7 days after your return. A 4 % surcharge applies when choosing this option.


Hybrid froms:

Traditional and afterwards payment methods can be mixed as well. E.g.: Pay 20 % deposit at time of booking, 30% 14 days  prior and the rest (50%) after your trip. The surcharge only applies to the amount which will be paid after your return.


Flights: Flights have to be paid in full amount at the time of booking.

How long will it take before my payment is (formally) confirmed?

Our accounting department normally registers all received payments on Friday. Therefore, it can take up to a week or a little more for your payment to be confirmed. All booking procedures and travel documents are carried out separately from your payment: We make the reservations as soon as we receive your  travel confirmation. Your travel documents will be sent to you automatically, even if your final payment is still pending.

It is not necessary to send any payment confirmation to your sales representative, Unless your reservation includes booking a flight. Your personal sales executive will inform you about this.


How can i pay for Inkatrotter? Are Credit cards accepted?
(Within the EU) at no cost to you. Credit card payments can only be charged via the online service of paypal; The fee of 4.5% invoiced to us will be passed on to you in full.

Wow, there are so many nice Peru trips with Inkatrotter!
Yes, and our travel specialists offer support via telephone or LIVE-CHAT!
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