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Bus Tour "Inca Trail"

Bus Tour "Inca Trail"

As we are back in Germany now, we wanted to say thanks again for the incredible trip. Everything went very well starting with the first contact in Germany, to organization till the point of progress in Peru. It was important to us not to travel like a typical tourist and learn a little about the native habits, facilities of transportation and food. And our expectations were exceeded.

Alltogether the trip was adventurous and I would highly recommend english and ideally some spanish knowledge to ask some questions during this wonderful tour. The trip was super organized, the selection of hotels excellent (just Oropax and even europeans sleep well) and the shuttle service was great, I never had to worry, even in a delay, and the assistance through guides was awesome.

On top I'd like to say thanks for your flexibility and that you always incorporated our last minute changes - even on site.

Inge Malter and Philipp Bergeron

Bustour Peru

Bustour Peru

We wanted to give a feedback to Inkatrotter, after we returned happily from our South America trip. We became such big fans of your bus tour "Peru at a glance" that we probably do another trip next year with your comapny in Mexico.

We found it very pleasant that there were always guides who welcomed us, that the hotel rooms were always available and even when the bus had delay there was always information about what's next and on top recommendations what to bring (Titikakalake)

We have to say though, without any english or spanish knowledge, the trip would have been very hard. Hereby thanks to Livia and her care in Cusco.


Horst and Rita Rommele

Highlights of Peru by Bus

Highlights of Peru by Bus

I wanted to give a short feedback regarding our tour to Peru:


1. Everything went absolutley well, the drivers and the guides were punctual to the minute, everyone was really friendly, courteous and helpful. Things went perfect.


2. Good value for money. We knew what accomodation itself would cost if we booked seperatley. With all the entrance fees (especially Machu Picchu), the transfer costs and all the services of Inkatrotter we would have paid much more than we finally did with the package if we had organized the travel by ourselves.


3. Overall, we were happily surprised about the perfectly organized trip and the well developed touristc infrastructure. And apart from that, I didn't even mention the attractions and impressions.


I can give you just the very best grade, say thanks a lot for the unforgettable trip and recommend the company to everyone!


Dieter Rohrbach

Seat in Coach Trip

Seat in Coach Trip

The tour to Cusco was great. I was and I still am totally impressed by the organization: everywhere I went, the people always welcomed me (Livia took heartwarming care of me - even if I could not always understand her english 100% ;-) ) Or someone had my name written on a list. That gives you the feeling of security and safety and opens your eyes to country and people.


The guides were different:

Cusco was absolutely great, the guide gave us lots of backround information, had a fine sense of humor with a good sense of our group.

Sacred Valley didn't please me. The Guide asked for punctuality and was even late himself. In the morning we did a shopping tour which was a pity because we only got to see the market in Pisac (and another one before). The information about Sacred Valley were in a TV presenter style and just a little informative. It got better in Olleytetambo but at some point he exaggerated a bit. That was pretty disappointing compared to the great first day. It was also too bad the group had to be split up for lunch and ate in three different restaurants because they booked in different agencys. That was a pity because we just made contacts and it also took much more time than necessary.


Staying in Urubamba was a good idea which saved time.


Machhu Picchu was, of course, great. The Guide was good, not overly informative compared to the literature (Peter Frost) but that okay.


Even if some things sound critical, I was very excited, took heaps of photos and met very nice people. A very awesome trip. Thanks for the great organization and everything else.

Martin Hoffmann

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Kundenstimmen von Reisenden



Kundenstimmen von Reisenden

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